Be Boring Poster

On Saturday we dropped Liliana off with her auntie and headed to John’s shop to do some letterpress printing. John has been generous about letting us play with all his presses and type.

I printed a simple grey poster with a quote by author Austin Kleon.

At one point John questioned me, “Did you ask permission to use this quote?” I replied, “Well, the name of his latest book is called ‘Steal Like An Artist’, so I don’t think he’ll mind….”

Be Boring - Quote by Austin Kleon

Be Boring - Typesetting

Be Boring Poster - Quote by Austin Kleon

Bethany printed some really nice decorative cards in blue and red using a peacock design and the letter “A” for the first letter of our last name.

A is for Anderson

Thank you John for your generosity, and thank you Austin for the great line.